Research Partnerships for New Zealand Health Delivery

Professor Timothy Stokes
University of Otago, in partnership with Southern District Health Board
Delivering better care for people with severe COPD in the southern region
15 months

Lay summary

This research aims to improve the health care of people with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) across the Southern District Health Board region. COPD is a disease of national importance, particularly for Māori. The research has three components. Firstly it will determine health care usage by people with severe COPD admitted to southern hospitals through case notes review. Secondly the health care needs of people with severe COPD will be determined through interviewing a wide range of patients after admission and six months later. Thirdly we will interview health professionals, patient groups and stakeholders to identify the barriers and enablers to the provision of high quality, person-centred and integrated care for COPD. These results will inform an expert review group of clinicians, health service managers and patients, which will make specific implementable recommendations to Alliance South (Southern DHB/PHO) on how care for people with COPD should be organised across community, primary and secondary care.

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