2016 Funding Round - Project

Professor Rod Dunbar
University of Auckland
Targeting cancer vaccines to human dendritic cells via CD301
36 months

Lay summary

Immune therapy for cancer is one of the most exciting developments in medicine today. Recent clinical trials are showing many patients with very advanced cancer experiencing long-term remissions that are likely to be permanent. However may other patients are failing to respond to the new immune therapy drugs. We will develop a new type of vaccine that will stimulate the immune cells that attack cancer cells. This type of vaccine is based on sophisticated chemistry, but we have the capability within our own facilities to manufacture these vaccines to the high quality needed to treat cancer patients. This project aims to prove that our new vaccine type can work in the lab. Once we have that proof, we can rapidly move to clinical trials of our vaccines, particularly in combination with existing immune therapy drugs, to greatly increase the number of patients who will gain long-term remission from their disease.

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