Professor Ralph Maddison
The University of Auckland
Rugby fans in training: A randomised controlled trial
36 months

Lay summary

New Zealand has the highest rate of adult obesity in the region. Māori and Pacific men are at particularly high risk for being overweight. A weight-management programme (Rugby Fans in Training; RUFIT-NZ) delivered by professional rugby clubs offers a viable and sustainable approach to engaging Māori and Pacific men in a healthy lifestyle programme. Building on a successful HRC feasibility study, we will conduct a randomised controlled trial of RUFIT-NZ to improve weight and health outcomes in overweight men. A total of 360 overweight men (aged 30 years or more) will be allocated at random to either receive the RUFIT-NZ programme delivered via professional rugby clubs or to a wait list control group. If effective RUFIT-NZ could be implemented relatively easily throughout all NZ rugby clubs, and evaluates a delivery option with strong potential to improve health and reduce ethnic inequalities.

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