Feasibility Study Grant (2017)

Professor Ralph Maddison
University of Auckland
Feasibility of a mobile game to improve diabetes self-management in young people
24 months

Lay summary

Diabetes is a public health priority in New Zealand. Engaging adolescents and young adults to manage their type 2 diabetes (T2D) is challenging, and innovative approaches are needed to help with this. We have developed a prototype mobile game 'Diabetes Mario’ to promote knowledge of the interaction between physical activity and diet with blood glucose, and of blood glucose monitoring in young people. In preliminary research we showed that young children (aged 9-13 years) liked the game (delivered via a Samsung tablet) and found it be fun, and engagement was high.

Our aim is to trial the effectiveness of the game to help adolescents and young people better manage their disease. However, key feasibility issues relating to the final components of the game, its acceptability and responsiveness or Māori will be assessed in this study. We will also pre-test the game to test recruitment, data collection and engagement.

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