2015 Funding Round - Programme

Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman
University of Otago, Wellington
He Kainga Oranga: Translating housing research to practice for children's health
60 months

Lay summary

Children spend more time inside their homes than adults and are vulnerable to prolonged exposure to poor housing. In the NEST trial we will insulate and warm new-born babies’ homes and provide them with feather duvets. In the SHELTER trial we will provide wrap-around housing and welfare services for children who have been hospitalised. The Rental WoF will compare the effect on tenants’ health and the rental supply in two areas where councils signal their intention to enforce rental standards with two control councils.
Indoor air equality and possible health effects on children will be examined in housing located beside arterial roads (ROADS). The EASy modelling study will optimise efficient and equitable energy use and identify appropriate energy interventions for different housing sectors where vulnerable children live. Drawing on our research and administrative data we will estimate the effect of household crowding on child health and consider optimal interventions (SPACE).

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