Research Partnerships for New Zealand Health Delivery

Professor Lisa Stamp
University of Otago, in partnership with Canterbury DHB
Managing gout in the community
18 months

Lay summary

Gout is a common problem particularly in New Zealand. The majority of patients with gout are managed in primary care. Guidelines for management are well established and there are effective medications to prevent gout, but few patients achieve treatment targets, leading to painful gout attacks and eventual joint damage. We have developed an integrated health professional package of care, designed to be delivered in general practice that incorporates education, gout treatment and appropriate screening and management of important co-morbidities associated with gout such as heart disease and diabetes. Herein we will pilot delivery of the package of care in a rural general practice setting, Kaikoura. We will determine whether more patients reach treatment targets and are screened for and where appropriate receive treatment for co-morbidities. Outcomes will be compared to retrospective data from the same medical practice.

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