PHARMAC and HRC Research Partnership (2016)

Professor Keith Petrie
University of Auckland
Funder(s): HRC, PHARMAC
Improving acceptance of generic medicines
12 months

Lay summary

The focus of this proposal is on how to improve the acceptance of generic medicines. While positive perceptions of generic medicines are critical for acceptance, very little research has been done on how to effectively change attitudes towards generic medicines or to look at how the presentation of generic medicines can be improved. We propose two studies to look at the issue of improving acceptability and response to generic medicine. The first study evaluates whether highlighting the mechanism of action in branded and generic medicines medications being identical is an effective way of improving perceptions and response to generics. The second study examines whether generic medication can be branded more effectively and investigates whether improving generic packaging can improve the effectiveness and reduce the side effects of generic medication. The results of the proposed research may provide practical strategies that can be used to improve acceptance of generic medicines.

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