2014 Funding Round – Feasibility Study

Professor Julian Crane
University of Otago, Wellington
Prevention of the common cold with topical nasal Carrageenan
6 months

Lay summary

We propose a feasibility randomised control trial (RCT) to investigate the novel antiviral efficacy of topical nasal Iota Carageenan as a protective agent against the development of colds caused by rhinovirus. We hypothesise that the regular prophylactic administration of Iota Carageenan will reduce the incidence of symptomatic rhinovirus infections by blocking the binding of virus particles to nasal epithelial cells, as demonstrated in in-vitro studies. If successful, the feasibility study data will be used as the basis of a larger HRC application to examine whether Iota Carageenan can reduce rhinovirus infections amongst at risk asthmatic patients.

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