Partnership - Long-term conditions/Living well initiative

Professor Diana Sarfati
University of Otago, Wellington
Funder(s): HRC, Ministry of Health, Healthier Lives National Science Challenge
Innovative management of diabetes with a comprehensive digital health programme
36 months

Lay summary

Six per cent of adult New Zealanders have diabetes mellitus and one in four have prediabetes. Rates of both are rapidly increasing, and are higher among Māori and Pacific people.

We have developed an innovative digital health programme which supports prevention and self-management of prediabetes and diabetes. The programme is delivered via web and mobile-based platforms, integrates with primary care providers, utilises peer support, health coaches, health tracking, and tools with engaging content to drive behaviour change. Initial pilot results showed that over 70 per cent of pre-diabetics had normal blood glucose levels after four months on the programme.

We propose a group of studies, including a randomised controlled trial to assess the clinical and cost effectiveness of this intervention in reversing prediabetes and improving self-management of diabetes, compared with usual care. We will explicitly assess the impact among Māori and Pacific people, and focus on translating findings into clinical practice

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