Clinical Research Training Fellowship

Ms Terry Dobbs
AUT University
Korero mai: taitamariki Maori development of healthy relationships
36 months

Lay summary

Young people’s intimate partner violence (IPV) and specifically taitamariki Māori IPV is an important issue for Aotearoa New Zealand. Māori women have higher rates (58%) of IPV than European women (34%) (Fanslow et al, 2010). Given this prevalence and the youthful demographic of the Māori population (over half being under 23.9 years of age) there are growing concerns for taitamariki Māori and the healthy formation of their intimate partner relationships, and the future impacts on whānau well-being, and hapu and iwi vitality. Foremost among these concerns is a need to understand what may prevent taitamariki from the healthy formation of their intimate partner relationships. This research seeks to examine taitamariki Māori partner relationships and violence framed in Te Ao Māori/Kaupapa Māori worldview and Ora principles of well-being. Examining taitamatane and taitamahine interpretations of partner violence and its causes within Te Ao Māori, may be an important aspect of violence prevention.

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