Ngā Kanohi Kitea Full Project Grant

Ms Teresa Kirkwood
Association between Māori cultural identity and health
18 months

Lay summary

Existing research confirms the negative effects of colonisation on Māori health. The literature suggests that there is a positive association between cultural identity and health. Unfortunately, there is not very much empirical evidence clarifying how this operates for individuals; therefore, the objective of this research project is to develop understanding of that. Within a kaupapa Māori methodology, two methods would be used. First, all members of the hapu would be invited to participate in a short, quantitative survey. These results would be used to purposively select a small number for the more in-depth qualitative second stage, exploring the connection between cultural identity, practices and health. We anticipate that the outcomes would be relevant to Tamaoho specifically and to Māori generally in developing strategies that we can use to enhance our own health, which has the attraction of being an area in which we have at least some agency.

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