Māori Health Research Summer Studentship

Ms Moerangi Tamati
Te Pou Tiringa Incorporated
A life-course approach to health and wellbeing
6 months

Lay summary

The purpose of the proposed Taranaki Maori community-based research is to contribute towards the
measurement of key Maori constructs relevant to child behaviour that underlie early life programming
that is likely to lead to improved health outcomes for Maori over the lifecourse. The research will
inform a larger project and will provide opportunities to learn from expert researchers.
Studentship objectives are to:
1. Undertake a literature review on Maori constructs relevant to early life programming linked to
health outcomes and will draw on oral Taranaki Maori knowledge/audio recordings
2. Assist in the trialling of research techniques to enable the determination of the most valid and
reliable measurements of core child behaviour constructs of interest
The project will provide me with training in research methodology, methods and report writing as a
platform for career development as a medically trained Maori health researcher equipped to contribute
to health equity and improved outcomes for Maori.

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