Pacific Health Research Masters Scholarship

Ms Manusiu Latu
The University of Auckland
Challenges of Tongan family caregivers caring for the elderly
12 months

Lay summary

Research studies show that family caregivers experience many challenges whilst caring for the elderly. Those who are heavily involved in this practice report poor physical and mental health and high medication use. Subsequently, these caregivers become highly distressed due to increased financial worries, lack of information and the inability to return to work. This is a major concern since caregiving is associated with increases in depression, anxiety and feeling burdened. Thus far, there has been limited research on family caregiving within a Pacific context. Ethnic specific studies on Tongan family caregivers are scarce. This research aims to explore the challenges of Tongan family caregivers caring for the elderly. The methodology used will be Grounded Theory alongside Talanoa, to better understand the dynamic of conversations with Pacific people. Face to face interviews will be carried out with 20 participants living in South Auckland; New Zealand aged 18 -55 years old.

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