Māori Health Research Masters Scholarship (2016 funding round)

Ms Hazel Hape
AUT University
Wahine Māori and the pursuit of mauri ora (health and wellbeing)
12 months

Lay summary

The first Women’s Refuge (Refuge) was opened in Christchurch 1973. Since then 41 Refuges continue to provide safety and protection services. Refuge is a women-centred organisation which provides 24 hour, 7 days a week crisis support to women and children experiencing domestic violence (physical, emotional and psychological) through the delivery of an emergency crisis phone line, safe house shelters and community advocacy, information and support services. The workforce is primarily voluntary of which wahine Māori represent 54 per cent. This research will explore Te Ao Māori (Māori world views) as a response to addressing domestic violence amongst whanau Māori . The experiences of wahine Māori who work in Māori Refuges in pursuit of Mauri Ora (health and wellbeing) for whanau will be explored in this research project.

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