Research Partnerships for New Zealand Health Delivery

Ms Gayl Humphrey
The University of Auckland, in partnership with Auckland DHB, Waitemata DHB, and Counties Manukau DHB
Development and implementation of an app to support antimicrobial prescribing
18 months

Lay summary

The National Quality Improvement Committee has recognised ‘Safe medication management’ and ‘Infection prevention and control’ as two pressing priorities in health care provision. Moreover, the New Zealand Health Quality & Safety Commission reported in 2012 that medication error constituted almost 20 per cent of ‘serious and sentinel events’. While mistakes can affect any point in the prescription-to-administration chain, it is logical to prioritise the accuracy of the initial choice of drug, dosage and route of administration; namely, the precision of prescription.
Therefore our team proposes to explore:
Does a smartphone application result in greater adherence to guidelines by clinicians, and a reduction in ‘prescription errors’ by:

1. developing a web-based smartphone application encapsulating the antibiotic policies of Auckland City Hospital in a user-friendly and portable format
2. examining the impact of using the application on for example prescribing patterns, errors, guideline adherence, resources use (financial,wastage, LoS) etc.
3. evaluating the useability (uptake) and confidence of use by clinicians

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