Clinical Research Training Fellowship

Ms Eileen Gilder
Auckland District Health Board
To suction or not to suction - that is the question
48 months

Lay summary

This research proposal is a planned programme of research into the use, attitudes and planned avoidance of endotracheal suction (ETS) in the intensive care unit.
The programme comprises of
1. An investigation into nurses use of (ETS) in the Cardiothoracic and
Vascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU), Auckland City Hospital.
2. A multicentre, binational survey of current practice of ETS across New Zealand and
Australia in the ICU setting.
3. A systematic review of endotracheal suction practice, with an emphasis on those patients who are ventilated for <3days.
4. A qualitative study to describe the patient experience of the endotracheal tube and ETS
5. A single centre, non-inferiority, randomised controlled trial assessing the safety and efficacy of avoiding endotrachael suction in patients having planned cardiac surgery who are ventilated for less than 12 hours. This will include a brief, scripted questioannire for the patient prior to discharge about the experience of having the endotracheal tube

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