Māori Health Research Summer Studentship (2016 funding round)

Ms Cinnamon-Jo Lindsay
The University of Auckland
Māori satisfaction in their health by DHB regions, do these make a difference?
10 weeks

Lay summary

The proposed research will use five years of data from an ongoing and existing longitudinal national study, the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study. It will aim to determine whether Māori people's levels of satisfaction with their health changed over the past five-year period, and does the level of change differ across different District Health Boards. For example, has the satisfaction of Māori people with their health been increasing at a greater rate for those who live in some DHB regions, relative to others? Exploring changes in Māori health satisfaction over a five year period will give insight into whether it is increasing or declining and reasons for this can be explored. By furthering this research and looking at trends across DHB regions a deeper understanding of the reasons and contributing factors to Māori health satisfaction may be extrapolated.

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