Ngā Kanohi Kitea Development Grant (2016 funding round)

Ms Cheryl Davies
Tū Kotahi Māori Asthma Trust
Improving COPD outcomes for Māori whanau
3 months

Lay summary

The proposed project seeks to address critical gaps in knowledge about chronic obstructive respiratory disease (COPD), a severely debilitating lung condition, which disproportionately affects Māori. The aims of this research are to:
a) to obtain comprehensive data on the health status of Māori adults with COPD; and b) to explore and describe Māori patient and whānau perceptions and understanding of COPD to develop insight into their experiences of living with and/or supporting someone with COPD.

The study will use quantitative and qualitative methods to examine outcomes among Māori with COPD and their whānau, relating to physical, lifestyle and social connections, over a one year period of being part of a kaupapa Māori COPD support group. The study is led by Tu Kotahi Māori Asthma Trust, a Māori provider organisation with expertise in providing respiratory services to Māori.

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