Ngā Kanohi Kitea Development Grant

Mrs Josephine Karanga
Tu ake Tohea: Measuring whakatohea whānau well-being
3 months

Lay summary

Whakatohea whānau have expressed their desire to develop more relevant ways of measuring whānau well-being in a manner that considers the broader aspirations of Whakatohea iwi. Whakatohea iwi health and social service providers have also noted that the context within which Whakatohea whānau operate is a complex one, with the drivers of whānau well-being being subject to factors both internal and external to the iwi.
This study will identify and measure Whakatohea-specific elements of whānau well-being. It will also contribute to three wider research objectives of building a profile of the Elements of Whakatohea Whānau Well-being, enhancing Whakatohea research capability and capacity, and developing systemic approaches to Whakatohea health development. The study will develop a dynamic approach to measuring whānau well-being that: (a) is meaningful and relevant to Whakatohea iwi and whānau; (b) will account for conventional whānau aspirations; and (c) will consider cultural and iwi inspired variables.

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