Māori Health Research PhD Scholarship (2016 funding round)

Mrs Aria Graham
Victoria University of Wellington
Tika tonu - young Māori mothers' experiences of wellbeing following birth
18 months

Lay summary

My research centres on exploring the wellbeing of young Māori māmā utilising a kaupapa Māori methodology to frame the research process. The initial analysis utilised contemporary western research analytical tools as well as concepts unique to Te Ao Māori to explore the stories shared by the māmā. This included conceptualising and theorising through a Māori worldview and consulting with rangatira and leaders. From this I formulated a conceptual framework based on origins of creation and Māori models of wellbeing to help make sense of and assemble the findings. Drawing on kaupapa Māori, mana wahine and feminist theory I am exploring the thinking and intersections related to validation and legitimacy of Māori mothering, Euro-western notions of motherhood, mana wahine concepts of the female element and positioning. I am also exploring the wellbeing experiences of indigenous mothers and the distinct concepts, values and beliefs that impact on māmā and child health outcomes.

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