Māori health research summer studentship (2018 funding round)

Mr Tobias Hoeta
Univesity of Otago, Dunedin
Evidence for pain assessment tools sensitive for Māori - a systematic review
10 weeks

Lay summary

Chronic pain among the general population is a major burden on individuals, the health care system, and society. Health professionals in Aotearoa/New Zealand use various models and tools for measuring pain. Many of these models have been developed and tested for cultural appropriateness in other countries. Given that Māori are indigenous to Aotearoa/New Zealand, it is pertinent that assessment measures used in Aotearoa accordingly capture Māori realities and are culturally appropriate. If Māori perspectives are not considered and incorporated within pain measurement tools used in Aotearoa, this may lead to further discriminatory practice or further isolate Māori from receiving adequate physiotherapy services. This project will evaluate the evidence on whether the current assessment tools used in Aotearoa by health professionalsare culturally sensitive and appropriate for Māori populations, and will assess the evidence for models of pain that have captured the Māori experiences of pain using qualitative research methodologies.

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