Ngā Kanohi Kitea Full Project Grant

Mr Jordan Waiti
He Pūkenga Kōrero: Rangatahi and sexually transmitted infections in the Waikato
18 months

Lay summary

The aim of this research is to generate an evidence base to inform the development of information resources that will facilitate timely access for rangatahi Māori to STI testing and treatment, and thereby improve Māori sexual and reproductive health outcomes. In particular, this project seeks to investigate what STI-related information rangatahi Māori in the Waikato require to achieve timely STI testing and treatment. To answer this question, a Kaupapa Māori approach will guide the development of focus group interviews with fifty (n = 50) rangatahi from throughout the Waikato and interviews with stakeholder personnel. The proposed research has much potential to inform sexual and reproductive health policy, funding and service delivery. This in turn will contribute to reducing long-standing sexual and reproductive health inequalities for Māori.

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