Maori Health Summer Studentship

Mr Jordan Tewhaiti-Smith
University of Otago
Tāne in the health workforce: A students experience of supporting factors
3 months

Lay summary

Tāne (men) in the health workforce are hugely important for supporting the hauora of whānau, hapu, iwi and particularly other tāne Māori. Despite this, tanē Māori are significantly under-represented in this workforce. This research will involve interviews of tauira tāne Māori who are training in a variety of the University of Otago Health Professional programmes. The stories of these tanē will include what and who inspired, motivated or steered them in a direction towards becoming a health professional and their views and perspectives on how to support the journeys of tanē Māori into and through health career training. This is an important area of research given the under-representation of tāne Māori in the health workforce and in health professional tertiary programmes. Having an increased knowledge about factors and pathways that lead tanē Māori to take up tertiary health programmes and careers in health will contribute to informing strategies and initiatives.

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