Māori Health Research Summer Studentship (2016 funding round)

Mr Jordan Tewhaiti-Smith
University of Otago
Barriers and enablers for Māori children accessing primary health care
10 weeks

Lay summary

Unmet needs for Māori children are alarmingly high and this project will focus on identifying barriers and enablers for our Māori children getting the primary health care services that are now provided free of charge (eliminating the main barrier to health care for whanau). Interviews will be conducted with key informants who have a sufficient knowledge about the social factors and themes around troubles and motives for whanau getting their children to see a general practitioner or nurse at a primary health care organisation. These informants will most likely be working at the interface between whanau and health care and will therefore have the relevant experience with whanau. The project will be based in urban Dunedin and participants will be selected from organisations around Dunedin who have roles in health and social services. The focus of discussion will be based on Māori children who live in areas of relatively high deprivation.

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