Maori Health Summer Studentship

Mr Daniel Thompson
University of Otago
A qualitative look at Tikanga best practice guidelines in New Zealand District Health Boardss
3 months

Lay summary

Cultural competence has been suggested to be an integral part of clinical care, and can improve patient outcomes when integrated successfully. Tikanga best practice guidelines was an attempt by New Zealand’s medical professionals to improve the Maori cultural competence of all staff. There has been little research into how these guidelines have be up taken and used in any of the DHBs throughout the country. This study aims to better understand how Māori Managers at the 19 District Health Boards throughout Aotearoa New Zealand develop, support and implement their Tikanga Best Practice Policy in their region. This will be achieved through open ended questionnaires sent to all District Health Board Maori managers, specifically looking at the characteristics of the guidelines and the logistics around its design, implementation and maintenance. Questionnaire responses will be analysed with differences explored through Chi- Squared analysis. The study will be based out of Dunedin.

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