2016 Funding Round - Project

Mr Andrew Waa
University of Otago, Wellington
Te ara auahi kore
48 months

Lay summary

The Te Ara Auahi Kore (TAKe) research project will provide much needed high quality evidence for addressing smoking disparities between Maori and non-Maori and achieving a Tupeka Kore (Tobacco Free) Aotearoa 2025. TAKe will be conducted in partnership with Maori health providers and aligned to the indigenous arm of the International Tobacco Control Evaluation project. TAKe will focus on following a cohort of 700 Maori smokers over two surveys. It will also include a survey of tobacco control activities in participating locations and a qualitative study of whanau smokers. Findings will provide a unique and comprehensive picture of actual or potential national, regional and whanau influences on Maori smoking. Findings will be disseminated via Maori health provider workshops, seminars, peer reviewed journals, and conference presentations. The research team includes experts in Maori health, kaupapa Maori methodologies, and cohort studies. Community researchers will be employed as part of the study team

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