Māori Health Research Masters Scholarship

Miss Nicola Grace
Victoria University of Wellington
An evaluation of a Māori health weight loss and lifestyle change model
12 months

Lay summary

This thesis aims to describe and evaluate a Kaupapa Maori whanau-led weight loss and lifestyle change model 'Hauora Homies' in which tikanga Maori underscored the structure of and nature of engagement within (Grace and McRae 2013). Through whanau participation in a structured 'challenge', participants supported one another to commit to and maintain long-term lifestyle and behavioral changes leading to a reduction in obesity. The evaluation will be embedded in a Kaupapa Maori approach; mixed methods will be used in data collection, and constant comparative method in analysis (Glasser 1965). The evaluation objective is to distinguish key principles that supported the model.

Having faced key long term health challenges personally, my passion is to support the quality of physical health and fitness of whanau. This evaluation would deepen an understanding of how Kaupapa Maori models are reducing obesity, increasing fitness, improving healthy eating and strengthening whanau self-sufficiency to maintaining these changes.

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