Māori Health Research Summer Studentship (2016 funding round)

Miss Nadine Houia-Ashwell
University of Otago
A survey of Māori health professional students at Otago
10 weeks

Lay summary

There are currently over 250 Māori students at Otago University studying in the 8 undergraduate health professional programmes. Māori students gain entry into these programmes by applying under the Māori sub-category of admissions. Students who are Māori can apply under this category. This category of admissions is very important and there have been increasing numbers of Māori students applying and gaining entry to health professional programmes over recent years. On graduation these students will contribute to the Māori aori Health Workforce. One issue that has been noted is that Māori students themselves have varied understandings and experiences of the reasons for the Māori sub-category of admissions. This research will investigate using an internet-based questionnaire, to Māori students in health professional programmes at Otago, what is their knowledge and experiences of applying under the Māori sub-category. This can be used to enhance approaches to supporting future Māori applicants.

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