Māori health research summer studentship (2018 funding round)

Miss Frances Toohey
University of Auckland
Literature review for Pae Herenga study
10 weeks

Lay summary

The proposed project is part of the wider 'Pae Herenga: An investigation of Māori whānau end of life cultural care customs' examining caregiving customs that strengthen end-of-life care for whānau providing palliative care. A literature review will be carried out to be used by the community research collaborators during the study. This will involve a comprehensive review on information relating to rongoā Māori and wairuatanga, and how this information can be considered in end-of-life cultural customs. Literature will be examined regarding the importance of wairuatanga and rongoā Māori for end-of-life care and will provide clear definitions of these which can be referred to in the study. The purpose of this is to organise all relevant information and summarise it in a way that is easy and useful for the researchers by providing clear definitions and other notable points that can be used in the study.

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