Clinical research training fellowship (2018 funding round)

Dr Wiremu MacFater
University of Auckland
Perioperative local anaesthetic
24 months

Lay summary

I am a doctor currently employed by the University of Auckland in a research position. My research aims to optimise postoperative pain and functional recovery after major abdominal surgery. I plan to investigate the analgesic benefit of intra-abdominal local anaesthetic compared to intravenous local anaesthetic. This will be achieved by means of a randomised clinical trial. I will then aim to develop a safe prolonged intra-abdominal local anaesthetic infusion using a novel technique. If successful, I hope this technique can be further developed into human trials as it may have the potential to improve pain, decrease the length of stay in hospital, and improve functional recovery after surgery. This has the potential to decrease the burden illness has on the individual, the health care system, and enables the individual to return to their family and work in a more timely manner.

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