Emerging researcher first grant (2019 funding round)

Dr Trudy Sullivan
University of Otago, Dunedin
Valuing health-related quality of life in New Zealand
36 months

Lay summary

The valuation of health states is of public health significance in New Zealand (NZ). At present, NZ health agencies and researchers use the EQ-5D-3L (a health-related quality of life (HRQoL) tool) to help decide which medicines and health technologies to fund. This directly impacts the health care received by NZers. The aim of this project is to leverage off an already-collected provisional NZ EQ-5D-5L data set (a new version of the EQ-5D), by validating the provisional data set so it can be used with confidence by researchers and policy-makers in NZ, and to explore the HRQoL preferences of NZers, in particular of Māori and people with chronic disease. Findings from this research will contribute to knowledge, improve the efficiency of health funding decision-making and enable international comparability of health economic assessments. There is also potential to extend the methodology used in this study to other applications including patient-centred care (i.e. personalised medicine).

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