Emerging researcher first grant (2017 funding round)

Dr Simone Rodda
University of Auckland
Improving the effectiveness of lifestyle change strategies
36 months

Lay summary

Increased access to alcohol, gambling and high calorie convenience food in New Zealand means an increased need to self-regulate. Some people fail at self-regulation and when this happens multiple strategies are potentially effective (e.g., limiting access, social support or distraction). Targeting people with subclinical problems, these strategies are widely disseminated through health promotion programs but more guidance is needed in how, what or when to use strategies (action planning) or what to do when encountering barriers and obstacles (coping planning). This randomised controlled trial will test the effectiveness of action and coping planning for 240 people who are ready to change and ready to attempt at least one change strategy. Recruited from South Auckland, participants undertake a session of action planning, action planning and coping planning or an assessment only. This approach seeks to improve access to change strategies and support people in making informed choices.

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