2014 Funding Round – Feasibility Study

Dr Ruth Teh
The University of Auckland
Transforming ways of living and ageing
12 months

Lay summary

Maintaining function and quality of life (QOL) are preferred over longevity. Combinations of healthy lifestyle behaviours benefit QOL and function however physical activity is low and nutrition risk high in older people. This study examines the feasibility of a large trial testing the effectiveness of nutrition and physical activity to improve QOL and function. This feasibility randomised trial tests two synergistic components; nutrition, Senior Chef, and physical activity, green prescription, and facilitates participation for both Maori aged 60+ and NonMaori 75+ through primary care and community organizations. Those at high risk of losing independence will be enrolled, change in food eaten and physical activity undertaken will be measured and compared between the intervention and control group over 2 months. If this study is successful a large trial will test the sustainability and effectiveness in improving QOL and function, and thus impact on reducing health services and prolonging healthy life expectancy.

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