2019 PDH-HRC postdoctoral fellowship

Dr Rosie Dobson
The University of Auckland
Funder(s): Precision Driven Health and the HRC
Enabling self-care through personalised mHealth
24 months

Lay summary

Health information available through patient health records or data through sensors has the potential to personalise technology-based tools as well as increase the reach of support to people at critical times. Understanding people’s perspectives on the use of health information in this way is essential to inform how already available data could be used, new data could be collected, and how data should be presented back to individuals. This research will investigate New Zealanders’ perspectives on the use of their health information, including preferences, needs, and concerns. The learnings will be used to build on the applicant’s previous work in the development of mHealth (mobile health) tools by informing the development of a personalised mHealth programme that uses patient health information to identify those at greatest need of intervention, delivers the intervention with few access barriers, and feeds information back to individuals and healthcare professionals in a user-friendly manner.

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