Dr Nina Scott
Waikato District Health Board
Does a Whānau Ora approach improve outcomes for hosptialised tamariki?
36 months

Lay summary

We like to think that hospital staff will ensure their patients can stay well. Unfortunately staff do not have the right tools, and 1/2 of hospitalised tamariki Māori aged 0-4 are readmitted within months of going home. This led us to develop the Harti Hauora Tamariki tool, which we modeled on a whānau ora approach.


The tool is a set of health screening questions. It was gifted the name Harti Hauora Tamariki and piloted in 2015. Resources were developed by a Māori artist and the tool is still in use at Waikato Hospital. A review found that use of the tool increased screening documentation dramatically, (from almost 0 for many measures). Using Māori health research processes, we will show the effect of follow up actions from Harti Hauora Tamariki screening and effects on child health outcomes, including readmission rates and whānau satisfaction with care.

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