Ngā Pou Senior Fellowship

Dr Mihi Ratima
Te Pou Tiringa Incorporated
Taiora Taimau
36 months

Lay summary

There are four complementary components of the proposed senior fellowship programme 'Taiora Taimau'. First, innovative Māori public health and lifecourse research that directly informs intervention to improve health outcomes for tamariki Māori over their lifecourse. Two projects are specified – ‘Te Kura Mai i Tawhiti’ (to generate evidence as to what constitutes effective early life kaupapa Māori programming for tamariki and whānau that will improve health outcomes throughout life) and ‘Improving Māori Child Health Outcomes through Father Involvement’. Second, work with the Taranaki Māori community to build health research capability and capacity. Thereby, the community is positioned to generate relevant knowledge and undertake knowledge translation that improves health policies, services and programmes to benefit the health of Taranaki and other Māori individuals, whānau and communities. Third, further develop my Māori health research competencies to better achieve my professional potential in health research. Fourth, produce excellent and unique written outputs.

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