Clinical Research Training Fellowship

Dr Melanie Lauti
The University of Auckland
Towards the treatment of toxic thoracic lymph in critical illness
24 months

Lay summary

One in three New Zealanders are obese, 50 per cent of Maori and 70 per cent of Pacific peoples. It places a signifcant financial burden on our society and health system.

Bariatric surgery is currently the best treatment we have for obesity and its related illnesses.  As bariatric surgery is a relatively new specialty, the outcomes after surgery are not as good as they could be.  Counties Manukau District Health Board have the largest cohort of bariatric patients in New Zealand and have shown good weight loss after surgery but a tendency for weight regain after one year.  These patients also report that better follow-up would improve their post-operative outcomes.

The BOBS study aims to improve outcomes after bariatric surgery by creating an evidence-based follow-up pathway that is acceptable to patients and providers.  This will ensure that valuable health care resources are effciently used to optimise bariatric care locally, nationally and internationally.

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