Partnership - Long-term conditions/Living well initiative

Dr Matire Harwood
National Hauora Coalition
Funder(s): HRC, Ministry of Health, Healtier Lives National Science Challenge
Mana Tū: a whānau ora approach to long-term conditions
36 months

Lay summary

Diabetes is a long-term condition in which there are significant ethnic and social disparities in prevalence and outcomes. There is huge scope to reduce diabetes inequalities and the complex nature of the condition means a comprehensive and sustained approach that tackles the wider determinants for causes, management and complications is required (Harwood and Tipene-Leach, 2007).

We propose to test Mana Tū – a programme co-designed with whānau, clinicians, health service planners and whānau ora providers to improve the impact of clinical and lifestyle interventions for whānau living with prediabetes and people with poorly controlled diabetes. Mana Tū deploys skilled and supported Kaimanaaki-whānau (KMs) in practices.

The KMs use a mana whānau approach and work with general practice teams while being operationally supported by central hub. The hub will co-ordinate broader community and social service support systems for whānau provide training, programme design, and support within a rich data environment.

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