Clinical research training fellowship (2018 funding round)

Dr Mark Zhu
University of Auckland
Designing and using animal models to improve tendon healing
36 months

Lay summary

This project aims to accurately model two analogous and important tendon injuries, with the goal of finding novel treatment methods. Rotator cuff and hip abductor tendon disease are extremely common, they contribute to millions in health spending every year and causes severe loss of mobility and productivity for patients and society.

Surgical repair of both rotator cuff and hip abductor tendons are limited by degeneration of the tendon and re-tear. Solving this problem requires us to clarify the pathological changes and replicating it in validated animal models. Using animal models, we can test if novel collagen scaffolds can enhance the surgical repair of the tendons. The results from the study is easily translatable to clinical use and may change the treatment of tendon tears.

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