2016 Funding Round - Project

Dr Margaret Dudley
University of Auckland
A Māori approach to the assessment and management of dementia
48 months

Lay summary

As kaumatua experience increasing life expectancy, the prevalence of dementia for Maori is also predicted to increase. In 2011, 1,928 Maori were estimated to have had dementia which is expected to increase to 4,493 by 2026. However, there is a critical lack of research about Maori and dementia. This research aims to improve existing approaches to the assessment and management of dementia for Maori by providing one that is informed by matauranga Maori. The methodology will interface Kaupapa Maori research methodology with Western scientific processes. Hui with kaumatua ropu and whanau who suffer from dementia will be held and information from those sources will inform a Kaupapa Maori Theory of dementia, and the development of a tool that is responsive to Maori needs and an effective clinical measure to screen for dementia. This research addresses a need for indigenous research that better meets the needs of Maori suffering from dementia.

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