Ngā Pou Senior Fellowship

Dr Leonie Pihama
Te Kotahi Research Institute, University of Waikato
Koi Te Mata Punenga
30 months

Lay summary

The senior research fellow programme will contribute to Māori health through developing evidence-based information that can enhance family violence prevention and intervention approaches. The research component aims to investigate Māori cultural expressions of emotions to develop a cultural framework that can be applied to family violence prevention and intervention work. A key research aim is to explore cultural expressions of emotions to develop an in-depth understanding of a range of emotional states from a Māori perspective. The research will also link to other studies and activities that share common goals of identifying and describing pathways to well being based on Māori and indigenous definitions and indicators of health. The impetus for the research component of the programme has come from Māori providers, counselors and community workers who are working alongside whānau. The programme carries an international component, strengthening existing partnerships with indigenous knowledge holders to support indigenous health framework.

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