Ngā Kanohi Kitea Development Grant

Dr Laurie Morrison
Ukaipo hauora: Nga Pou wahine and strengthening wahine Māori potential
3 months

Lay summary

We aim to extend the Nga Pou Wahine Intervention (NPWI) to young at-risk wahine Māori (16 to 24 year olds) who are hapu to strengthen their potential, reduce activities that compromise their abilities to be strong wahine and mothers, and to improve their health literacy. Using Powhiri, a kaupapa Māori methodology, this research will have three phases: (1) piloting and refining the NPWI for use with young wahine Māori, (2) implementing the intervention, and (3) evaluating its effectiveness. The NPWI will be run over an 8-week period, and a variety of measures will be collected at baseline and at 1-month and 6-month post-intervention along with focus group interviews at the completion of the intervention, and wananga evaluations. The anticipated outcomes will be strengthening wahine cultural identify, self-efficacy, health literacy, and developing strategies for mothering and parenting.

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