Emerging researcher first grant (2017 funding round)

Dr Kathryn Beck
Massey University, Auckland
Optimising cognitive function: the role of dietary and lifestyle patterns
36 months

Lay summary

Age-related cognitive decline is one of the most serious health issues we face as the New Zealand population ages. Identifying dietary and lifestyle patterns and their associations with cognitive function and metabolic health is important to ensure individuals maintain optimal health and independence for as long as possible. The study aims to investigate associations between dietary and lifestyle patterns and cognitive function, obesity and metabolic syndrome in older adults 65 to 74 years living independently. Confounders including physical activity and genetic factors will be controlled for. Dietary patterns will be determined using a validated food frequency questionnaire. Cognitive function will be assessed using the Standardised Mini-Mental State Examination and Computerised Mental Performance Assessment System software. This research will form the platform for a subsequent longitudinal study and future randomised controlled trials.

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