2016 funding round - Feasibility Study

Dr June-Chiew Han
University of Auckland
Disturbed energetics in heart failure: its associatin with t-tubule disruption
36 months

Lay summary

A uniform t-tubular network is essential for synchronising heart function. Its disruption is recently shown to be directly linked with heart failure. This linkage requires further characterisation to probe the association between t-tubule disruption and disturbances to energetics in cardiac muscle. This project thus proposes to investigate how disrupting the t-tubular network will affect cardiac energy balance, in both health and heart failure. We will specifically quantify cardiac work output and heat liberation in order to assess the change in energy efficiency. In non-diseased preparations from rat hearts, we will use a pharmacological intervention to acutely disrupt the t-tubules to mimic what occurs in heart failure. We will compare these results with those from chronic diseased preparations (diabetes and hypertension). The new knowledge that will be generated from this project will potentially benefit earlier diagnosis and targeted treatment for heart failure.

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