2014 Funding Round – Project

Dr Heather Gifford
Whakauae Research Services Limited, Whanganui
Preventing chronic conditions: Learnings from participatory research with Māori
36 months

Lay summary

This study will examine how the prevention of chronic conditions is being modelled, practiced and measured in three case study sites, namely Tui Ora Limited (Taranaki), Te Oranganui Iwi Health Authority (Whanganui) and Rata Te Awhina Trust (Hokitika). Our aim is to understand how the priorities for the prevention of chronic conditions are being decided; the short term outcomes that are being achieved; and the lessons to be learnt from the development and implementation of these models for primary and secondary prevention of chronic conditions. The study will employ a Māori-centred research methodology using a participatory mixed methods approach. Meaningful local-level data will be generated. In a collaborative and reciprocal process we will work with our case study partners to identify where, and at what level, service improvements can be made to better enhance outcomes from each model, thus ensuring a research findings are appropriately translated into practice.

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