Sir Charles Hercus health research fellowship

Dr Hamish Jamieson
University of Otago, Christchurch
Big data - Creating new insights into heart failure
48 months

Lay summary

This groundbreaking study will link existing New Zealand health data from multiple sources to develop an improved statistical model to predict outcomes for older people with heart failure. Heart failure is the most common cause of hospital admission in older adults and has a five year mortality of 50 per cent. Multiple studies have shown that outcomes for patients with heart failure are difficult to predict, particularly older people who frequently have multiple co-morbidities. This study will use cutting-edge statistical methods to mine the world-leading datasets that New Zealand is currently collecting on older people, to make a significant difference to people’s health status. The improved risk model for outcomes in older people with heart failure will provide information that will be used directly to better target of health services and improve patient care as well as growing understanding of the causative factors resulting in poor outcomes.

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