Maori Health Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dr Alayne Hall
AUT University
Tūhono Māori: Promoting secure whānau relationships for traumatised mokopuna
36 months

Lay summary

Finding healthy solutions for traumatised mokopuna Māori is of critical concern where early interventions must begin with our most vulnerable. This research proposes to develop tūhono (relationship bonds) as a contemporary Māori attachment theory. The overall aim is to shape trauma informed interventions for mokopuna Māori and to promote secure whānau relationships. The research will explore Māori whānau systems that promote healthy attachment relationships providing a contemporary Māori theory that contributes to the healing and success of mokopuna Māori and whānau. This research sets out to understand healthy attachments through a Māori lens without the intensity of the 1-1 mother-child relationship, but rather the system that brings about sustainable nurturing and resilient relationships that promote healthy child development. An additional aim of this research is to shift the focus away from what makes people fail to what makes them successful.

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