2016 Funding Round - Programme

Associate Professor Beverley Lawton
University of Otago, Wellington
Whānau manaaki
60 months

Lay summary

The first years of life starting from pregnancy are crucial for good health outcomes and long-term achievements of children as adolescents and adults. However for Maori pregnant women and their tamariki (children) the social and health disadvantages are stark. This Kaupapa Maori programme called Whanau Manaaki puts Maori pregnant women and children at the center to explore the health care delivery system and structural determinants of health (e.g. housing, racism, transport, income, education) that impact on the health of Maori women and their babies, and whanau. The 3 projects are: a community intervention that will integrate maternal and child care services into one care pathway; and 2 projects which explore preterm delivery (prematurity) which is a major contributor to disability and death for Maori. This programme of work is led by Maori and will lead to maternity/ child care that works for Maori, leading to improved whanau health and well-being.

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