The Research Partnerships team oversees a number of funding mechanisms which allow organisations to pool resources to fund high quality research of mutual interest.

The key strengths of the partnership model include:

  • funds high quality research
  • links research with policy needs
  • leverages funding from multiple sources, and
  • is responsive to the needs of priority populations

The HRC has ongoing research partnerships with a range of agencies including central government, local government and communities. Through the formation of these cross-sectoral partnerships, much bigger projects can be undertaken and each agency gains much more from the research than just their individual contribution.

The Partnership Programme aligns with international best-practice, incorporating transparent and contestable methods for the identification of the best possible research provider for the partners involved. Our national and international networks of experts are used to provide advice to the partners, while the project management expertise of our staff provides a high level of professional and administrative support.

Current Partnership Programme funding opportunities for researchers can be found in the Requests for Proposals section.
Organisations interested in learning more about research partnerships and funding should contact Fiona Kenning.